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In the District of Columbia, executor fees are based on the experience and educational background of the executor. It also depends on the complexity of the estate issues to be resolved.
A reasonable fee for an attorney might be $350.00 an hour.
Do not make handwritten changes to a Will. In the District of Columbia, if there are assets greater than $40,000.00 which need to be distributed or re-titled, a large Probate Estate Petition may be need to be filed. In the District of Columbia, the personal representative may need to wait for six months after the date of publication before distributing assets. There are exceptions. This is the general rule.The Personal Representative collects the assets of the decedent. He pays off legitimate expenses. He may need to re-title assets in the name of a beneficiary.
He may need to sell real and/or personal property. He makes distribution to the proper beneficiary.


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